Monday, October 20, 2014

I am a male Eniripsa

As you can see here, he is a male character. After some dc happening (quite a lot) in this dungeon, this is what happen. I love it! :P

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lack of Motivation

When I try to log in just now, instead of forgetting the password forgot my gmail address -_-

Anyway, ever feel like:
"I don't want to do this anymore!"
"So lazy, I'll do it tomorrow.. perhaps..not, next week?"
"Yay! I want to sleep all day, don't want to do anything anymore.. T_T"

Well, hope what I'm writing here make you and me feel motivated. Yup,actually I'm talking to myself right now. So lazy to do anything related to my research, which I ended up with playing game all... day.. loooong.. =_=".

As a Muslim, who do turn to when you're in trouble, misfortune, and whatever negative stuff happening around you? Allah!! Remember, He is always with you :). So, here is do'a to avoid being lazy...

Think about your family
Next, who come in mind after Allah? Of course, your parents! Your dad who supported you financially, no matter how much you ask from him, hundreds or thousands.. (I am so lucky to have such father *cry in joy*). You have to pay him back no matter what! Be the proud child you suppose to be. Your Mom who never gives up on you "You can do it! I love you" she say.They are the greatest presents who could ever ask for. So what make parents happy? Your achievement and.. gift, money.. yeah, now you need job to be able to do that right? hahaha ! Don't let them down, I say push yourself to the limit.

Think about your future
Now, lets think about what happen if you follow the flow of your life, do what suppose to do? For me, next year I will earn my Master's scroll, next year I will have a job and be able to support myself, I can buy anything I want, be it games, consoles, new laptop, awesome mouse (All related to games XD).

Rewards for jobs well done
It is okay to have entertainment once in a while, but never forget you have other responsibilities in your live. Make it a reward as a job well done in life for instance, " I finish editing my Thesis, I want to play game for 1 hour"  :D.

Schedule your life
You need excel to do this.
I'm just kidding. So, put everything into a schedule, sleeping time, suppose to be working time, entertainment, etc. Put a goal in the end, like " 18 June I'll finish editing my thesis". Follow the schedule like a boss, just like you follow challenge in game fight (Wakfu Alert!).

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It works!!

All those bad comments, I believe the fault came from their phones. It works fine. Its wednesday, should be posting about "wordless wednesday", picture with no description. I don't give a damn. Sing with me guys!

I don't give it up
I don't give a damn
What you say about that?- Avril lavigne

Testing 1,2,3

I am posting through Blogger app using my phone. There are lots of bad comments on this app but yeah.. I still want to give it try.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tomb Raider and Splinter Cells: Blacklist

Hey! Its been a while right!
I know you guys/girls didn't actually view or read my blog. So I was thinking, lets make it as my personal diary, where everyone can read it. Yeah.. great idea.. (*sigh) Nah.. just kidding!

I've been playing games a lot. And waste a lot (few hundreds.. or thousand?).Then again, it's not wasting if you enjoyed them right?

Now, lets talk about recent games of 2013. One I bought it, and one I downloaded it from.. (drum rolls please...) Nah.. I should not post it here, they might block me, or the page itself is going to be shutdown. Shame, really.  And the recent games are; Tomb Rider and Splinter Cells: Blacklist.

Are you a fan of online games? If you are I suggest Splinter Cells is the one for you. For me? Not so much. Rarely got friends to play online game with me. Hmm, wait I'm wrong. None. The story is about America and... I forgot. Haha.. What you do is actually protecting America. So, the story is not quite interesting. 2.5 out of 5..? Yup. What I seek in game is the story. Lame story, of to the bag you go (My bag of games which I rarely touch, reserved for lame games). The interface is awesome, the tech and gadgets are typical. Extra: you can distract people. Seriously, I have to mention this " I am a fan of Ubisoft's games!"

Next, Tomb Raider. The famous Angelina Jolie turns out to be very cute when she is young, and very Asian like. Some scenes in the game will make you feel like it hurt so bad and you have the urge to make sounds like "Ouch!", "Ooh!" and "Aah!". Poor Lara. When mystical part of the game come out I asked my sister "In Tomb Raider is there any part where mystical things happened" to which she replied "Yes (actually she said Haah). Oo.. I see, I never watched Tomb Raider, I mean the whole movie, right in the middle.. I fell asleep. Credits to TV3. So, the story is great! But, I don't think I will play it for second time, though there are a lot of things you can collect if you go around the island but the bad guys are gone. There are no thrills in that right? Fun part is you can shoot anything, I mean any animals you like; birds, rabbit, crab, wolf, deer. (Is the crab part correct? Or I'm actually confused with FarCry3?)

So, are the games worth it? You decide and make sure to buy the originals,lot of benefits came with it. And I know I'm trying to (buy the original).