Monday, February 1, 2010

when something happened out of logic!!

it was holidays, when five boys had decided to climb the adventurous mount in japan...
they were full packed with equipment..

A: today we're going to conquer the mount!!
All: yeah!!

it started of as an easy task..
but when they reached higher and higher altitude the snow starting to get a lot thicker!!

unexpectedly blisters came...
the boys can't see anything...
all they can do was to find a way to get back down
it's getting colder and and colder..
one of them wear a bit thinner cloth than the others and he can't stand the cold...

B: you guys...( collapsed)
ALL: B, wake up!! be strong!!

B was cold and breathless..

the four friends we're grieving with the death of their best friend...
life must go on,because of love B was carried along the way..

C: guys!! can u see!! there's a small house up there!!

they headed that way and realized it was actually a house cable that could take them down...
because of the blisters and it was already late at night.. the cable was not functioning.

D: we have no other choice.. we have to stay here for the night... because of we are all tired i had already think up a plan..

they put B in the middle..
and each of them place their selves in each corner of the house...

D: u have to walk to next corner and wake the person in that corner, than take his place.. it's a rotation so that everybody could have some rest and not to overslept, u know what it's mean..

the question is will it work??

what will happen??

what was actually happening is....
B was helping them all the night... until morning came.. his friends are safe...

based on a true story

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