Saturday, August 28, 2010

it's just HIM

"Maria, stop day dreaming! we got work to do"

startled, and back into the present world.

"Sorry Sir. What work sir? I think I...
"Drop the formalities Captain, you... have to have lunch with me and that's and order"

My fiancé Mark.
he is the captain of the ship, the whole operation was under his control.
five years older than me. has a charming smile.

when i first met him. to be honest i was afraid. with his long scar under her left eye down to his cheek.
and knowing how he got it, hahaha.. well, everybody has it's own funny story...
 and i am the only one who knows that. My poor mark, afraid of cats.

he is a friendly man, though i work at the basement of the ship he always come and talk to each crew, to make sure they are alright and anything he could do to make them work at optimum level.but i don't know, maybe he do that just to see me?

"Under the decree of 789, you can't force your crew to eat sir"
"hahaha, i know u would say that... it's already 2, here.. i brought this to you."

my favorite kappa maki sushi.

to be continue...

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