Thursday, August 26, 2010

where am I??

Staring  the computer sometimes make my mind and soul traveled far back to the first memory when my father had just bought a computer. "Maria this is for you".

when my fingers touched the the keyboard I feel some connection. i don't know why. it seems that the computer itself is asking for my command. everything i do or type change the computer programming a bit by bit. When my game doesn't work(Oh.. favorite past time) I figure  it out in just a few second.

"Pa, something is wrong with my computer"
"what's wrong dear?"
"it's talking to me"

suddenly my father hug me, so hard. I almost lost my breath.

yup, fifteen years ago. that computer change my life forever. And I am now away working in front of the thing that make the Captain of RF. A department that controls the main part of a space ship.

And here I am. Outer space.

to be continued..

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  1. be continued? cter bg abs la..sng ma...haha