Monday, August 30, 2010


The ship shaking, and the red light start blinking...

"We are under attack!" shout one of my crew

Mark dash upstairs, ignoring him and I  put my whole mind onto the urgent matter right now.
This is not the first time we are under attack.

"Eaden, put the shield on, level two"
"Shield level 2, activated"

Eaden, an AI. Newly install on my ship my own created program.
Despite of the shield, I already calculated our counterattack and waiting for Mark's order.

"Attention RF, I want a full loaded 14 missiles to be ready, and let me handle the firing this time."
"Understand, Sir."

One hour later......

After all that blasting and shaking we endured, we manage to defeat the enemy.

"Maria, the Chief department was shot during the fight. I'm afraid..."

I run as fast as I could, searching for Mark upstairs, he is nowhere to be found.
Blood smeared on the floor, bodies everywhere.
I start to produce cold sweat. My knees are so weak, as if I could collapse anytime.

"Maria, Mark.... He's at the infirmary."
" Thank god, he's alive!"
" Yeah, and you better hurry..." John uttered.

John, the right hand man of Mark.
I gathered all my strength back and dash to the infirmary.

I'm shock to see that... he is covered in blood.
Tears roll down my cheeks.

"Mark, please don't leave me, for god sake, for my sake please wake up."

to be continued.

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