Sunday, October 3, 2010


happy and agak x betol...
I wish I  can sleep rght now, at someone lap... =P

cat facts: play with me!
Play is healthy exercise for cats. Balls of yarn or a string dangled or pulled accross the floor are irresistable to cats.
Just make sure the yarn or string is not too thin. Ingesting it is harmful and can even be deadly.
Cats also love small, lightweight toys that can be thrown and chased.

Cat Facts: tail twitching
The tail is held high when happy, low when unhappy or angry.
Twitching just the tip of the tail indicates anger, but may also occur when a cat is hunting.
Flipping the whole tail, especially slapping it on the floor, indicates irritation. Leave that cat alone!
A fluffy tail indicates fear.

Cat Facts: purrfectly happy
Purring usually indicates happiness, though it can also mean a cat is in distress.
Cats can calm themselves by purring. They also use it to express affection and when greeting other cats.
The sound is caused by vibrations in the larynx.


  1. kucing ak slalu naik kn ekor die time berjln...riak btol..mentang2 ekor lawa..hak3

  2. anjing nak taw kena cri sendiri... hahah.. tnye bill ke...