Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the wound because of the cut u did is still bleeding.. why do u want to add more..? I may look strong in front of others, but not to you... my weakness, why do u want others to know...? I show my bright side to others,but  why do u want to add more shadows to my dark side since i only show it to u..?

know what? we always had a mutual feeling.. i know, no matter how many questions i will be asking, the answer is clear and it will always be the same...

when i'm happy, I want to share it with u... when i love, i'll make sure u'll have most of it... when i'm sad u'll always be my shoulder to cry on.. when i'm hurt, i want u to heal it..

misunderstanding happens...

I hurt u, and u hurt me back.. u cried because me, now it's my turn...

U might say "never in my mind thinking of hurting u"
"I really do care for u"
"why do u care so much for others more than caring for me?"
know what, i might utter the same sentences the same words to you..
like i said, we always had a mutual feeling...

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