Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tokio Hotel


Name: Asilah

Favorite Tokio Hotel song: Darkside of the sun

Favorite member(s) of the band: Gustav Schafer

Complete the sentence: I love them when they are performing...

Favorite TH quote: I don't know this one... haha..

Favorite TH TV episode: Shopping madness with BILL..

Favorite TH music video: Automatic

Favorite TH fanvid : Astigmatic... hahaha

For Tokio Hotel, you are willing to: change my hair style...

What Tokio Hotel stuff do you own?: Err... Thx Nisa for introducing them to me =)

What do you love about Georg?: His nose...

What do you love about Tom?: His fingers... really good at playing guitars!

What do you love about Gustav?: Ok... Everything!!!! very cute, and I say the most sexiest body in TH.. =P

What do you love about Bill?: His attitude...

Did you ever dream about Tokio Hotel? If so, what did you dream?: 

Nope, i wish i do... Gustav dear~

sje letak besar2 keh3
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